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Environment & Science

ERIA EcoSystems Inc.

70 Como Gardens
Hudson, Quebec
J0P 1H0, Canada
Environmental Resourcefulness In Action.

* We offer you Healthier Homes & Efficient Buildings,
   with less destructive infrastructures and utilities,
   that make our Communities more Sustainable.
* We innovate in Renewable Energy and Water ReUse,
   like hV2G NegaWatts to power our Homes & Cars,
   with Sun/Wind/Water/Biomass/Earth ENERGY for today.
* We provide Integrated Design and RD&D via our network
   of Craftsmen, Engineers, Architects, Ecologists and Scientists,
   who deliver Project Management, Marketing & Consulting Services.
* As EcoPilots we focus on affordable ways to Partner with our Earth,
   beyond merely Powering-Down, or just Adapting to Climate Change.
* We choose appropriate technologies that "Restore our EcoSystems".

Christopher Ives MA, President
450-458-7974 Tel -- 450-458-1746 Fax