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Simply You

N-Dimensions Photography Exhibition

posted: Oct 16, 2007

Saturday night, the 13th of October gave us a rather unique vernissage and launch of her latest photography package.

Held at the Mad Muckers Pub in St. Lazare, Kharim Hogan, a local, gifted photographer put on a show entitled "Simply You".

The concept, as she put it, was the product of her observations of people she encountered every day. She noticed that many people don’t often feel special and rarely take the time to celebrate themselves and feel good about themselves. So she set about to create environments where people could be comfortable, relaxed, and let themselves go, and photographed them in that setting.

The environment chosen for her first series of Simply You photography sessions was the Hotel Gault in old Montreal ( . The Hotel Gault is a gorgeous boutique hotel with elegantly decorated rooms which offer an exquisite ambiance and atmosphere, perfect to indulge her clients.

The poses were chosen by the subjects themselves. Kharim has a knack for putting people at ease and finding the real person who then relaxes into natural poses which lets their personality and beauty shine.

When the photo session was over the subjects chose their favorite pictures and Kharim created a bound, personalized, stylishly wrapped portfolio for the subjects. The vernissage itself consisted of the presentation of 2 of these portfolios to subjects along with large prints from the shoots of 4 of her Simply You sessions. One could see and meet the actual “model” as well as Kharim's photographic vision of the inner person at Saturday's event.

Keeping in mind that none of the subjects were models, what came through was the essence of the person being photographed.

N-Dimensions Photography
Kharim Hogan